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Display Case, Inc. 
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Wilmette, IL 60091

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About Us

For nearly three decades, Display Case Inc. has been designing and building displays, cables and fixtures with one thought in mind - our customers. Each display product is produced with attention to detail and quality workmanship. 

It is our mission to promote excellence in products and services to the Architectural Design Industries, Commercial Builders, Interior Design and Private Residential Community - working closely with our clients and designers, as a team, we deliver an exceptional display of your products. We balance creativity, common sense construction and good, solid business experience, bringing combined skills to projects that are both professional and effective, to ensure that our products are as innovative as they are timeless.  

Our wide-range of custom quality displays, cables and fixtures are made with quality products such as tempered or acid etched glass, chrome hardware, hardwoods such as cherry, maple, knotty alder, red oak, quarter sawn oak, mahogany, walnut and a variety of lighting options.

Designed to feature your artwork, trophies, gifts, treasures and more, our displays provide a minimalist approach to highlight what you place inside.

Outstanding Attention to Detail and Service 
At Display Case, Inc we realize that our best asset is our customers. Our outstanding attention to detail and service are the foundational elements we use to establish lasting relationships with our clients. We recognize that selecting the best display case is based upon our client's requirements and budget.  

Extensive List of High Profile Clients
We've worked with some of the best known and widely recognized organizations, museums, institutions and government entities creating display solution for some of the finest exhibits and retail products in the world. 

Design Flexibility
As a retailer of display cases, we have the flexibility to customize and modify our standard display case designs to fit the unique needs and requirements of our customers. And, since we build all of our display cases, we can ensure we deliver the highest quality product - on time and on budget.

Contact us for pricing and for design information.